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12 March 2010 @ 05:54 pm
Ohboy ohboy ohboy  
Gawd I never post anything on here, ahahaha. But yeah, got my IB ToK oral IA done (FFFFFFFNNNNNNNNCCCCCCKKKKKKK), and rather than record it and post the video on youtube and kill myself in the process, I thought I'd just post my notes from the presentation on here, derp.

Pnecils vs Pens --- Intro:
--Use them every day (work, school, anywhere)
--Probably have one out on your desk
--Pen? Pencil? Wood? Mechanical? Black ink? Blue ink?
--What made you choose it?

Knowledge Issues:
--What differences set the two apart?
--Why do people tend to use one rather than the other?
--Are there certain situations in which one is more appropriate than the other?
--Relate to AoKs Art and History

Writing and Drawing:
--Writing: To inscribe marks that have an understandable, linguistic meaning onto a surface
--Drawing: To use lines and makings on a surface to create a two-dimensional representation of objects and/or forms

What Makes Pencils "Pencils" and Pens "Pens:
    --Graphite, lead
        --Comes in stick and "full pencil" forms
    --Ink, no eraser
    --"Erasable pens" not being discussed
        --Not as common as in their initial release
        --Not ink, rubber cement that dries over time
        --Banned by many teachers/schools

Main Qualifications For Usage:

    --Material utensil is made of
    --Mechanical pencil vs. wood pencil
        --small lead vs thick lead
        --Plastic vs wood
    --"smooth" ink vs "rough" lead
        --Black ink vs blue ink vs lead
        --Physical color of utensil itself
--Emotional fondness for particular utensil
    --"Favorite pencil/pen"
--Important factor in art - forced to use utensil for extended period of time, must have right "look" for piece, etc

Social Aspect, Bias as a Knower:
--Have internal sense to what to use when
--Learned through growth, history, and social interaction
--Pens used for some things, pencils for others
--Pens: "Official", school essays, "final works"
--every day, homework, "sketching"
--Could not be "common sense" without this sort of social interaction

--More permanent, less change
    --Pens on important documents preserves text and prevents issues with changing text at a later date
--"influence" history
            --Cross out mistakes, but still show through
            --White out, but still leaves a mark
            --Erase mistakes
            --"Remove" history
    --Same in AoK art
        -- ----Reference video and art pieces---

--Choice influences by social bias, comfort, and permanency of utensil
--Can influence history by being able to or not being able to "erase the past"
--Your choice can change the way you "influence" history

Bleghhh, had to retype all that cause it wouldn't copy over from my powerpoint. ;A; But yeah, you get the basic gist. I obviously added stuff during the presentation, but this is the basic outline I followed. Fun stuff! *dies*
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