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12 April 2011 @ 02:05 pm
I'm never on here anymore  
SCAD, what have you done to me? /sob I'm 1/4 of the way through my third quarter and already I'm realizing I'm in over my head. Intro to SEQA, Life Drawing, -and- Anthropology in one quarter? How did I think this was going to end? xD At least my drawing stills are improving by leaps and bounds...?

Oh well, nerdy news is there to keep me going~ Everything going on with the Heart no Kuni no Alice movie is getting me really pumped! I looove that Quinrose stuck to Fujimaru's designs/style rather than using the official manga's style or the style they planned on using for the 2008 OVA. -shiver- I also can't wait for the Joker manga, ohlawd --- Joker needs more love, and he's finally going to get some after goodness-knows-how-long. In the meantime, I'm still cleaning the stuff I managed to scan over break and plan on scanning a couple more pages of the B's-LOG HnKnA movie article sometime soon (I lost 2 page scans saving stuff to my account...). I also have the KuroKin fanbook preordered, so I may take some pictures when I receive it if people want a peek at it before I scan it over break...?

I guess I'll start going through all the stuff I've missed over the past couple of weeks on here, and then...I'll likely disappear and reappear at random for the remainder of the quarter lol.
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